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Cemeteries in Preble County, Ohio

B:Bonebrake, Washington Twp. Cemetery (8) , Brower, Lanier Twp. Cemetery (1)   [Return To Top]
C:Camp Run, Gasper Twp. Cemetery (8)   [Return To Top]
E:Eikenberry (Wheatville), Lanier Twp. Cemetery (54)   [Return To Top]
F:Fairhaven, Israel Twp. Cemetery (38) , Fairmound, West Elkton, Gratis Twp. Cemetery (250) , Fairmount, Somers Twp. Cemetery (33) , Fairview, Gratis Twp. Cemetery (126) , Fairview, Lanier Twp. Cemetery (56) , Fisher, Washington Twp. Cemetery (2) , Friendship, Gasper Twp. Cemetery (19)   [Return To Top]
G:Gettysburg, Jefferson Twp. Cemetery (23)   [Return To Top]
K:Kingrey, Israel Twp. Cemetery (1)   [Return To Top]
L:Lower Lewisburg, Harrison Twp. Cemetery (291)   [Return To Top]
M:Monroe (Monroe Universalist), Monroe Twp. Cemetery (4) , Mound Hill (Eaton) Cemetery (1) , Mound Hill, Washington Twp. Cemetery (641)   [Return To Top]
N:New Paris, Jefferson Twp. Cemetery (156)   [Return To Top]
O:Old Camden, Somers Twp. Cemetery (3) , Old Gratis, Gratis Twp. Cemetery (91) , Old Salem, Lanier Twp. Cemetery (39)   [Return To Top]
P:Pleasant Hill, Jefferson Twp. Cemetery (4) , Preble County Memory Gardens, Twin Twp. Cemetery (20)   [Return To Top]
R:Roselawn (Lewisburg) Cemetery (1) , Roselawn, Harrison Twp. Cemetery (97)   [Return To Top]
S:Shiloh Lutheran, Twin Twp. Cemetery (83) , Society of Friends, West Elkton, Gratis Twp. Cemetery (164) , Springlawn, Jefferson Twp. Cemetery (78) , State Line, Jackson Twp. Cemetery (10) , Stump, Monroe Twp. Cemetery (71) , Sugar Grove, Twin Twp. Cemetery (251) , Sugar Hill German Baptist, Lanier Twp. Cemetery (62)   [Return To Top]
T:Twin Chapel (aka Brown, aka Twin Creek Chapel), Harrison Twp Cemetery (226) , Twin Valley, Lanier Twp. Cemetery (188)   [Return To Top]
V:Verona, Harrison Twp. Cemetery (2)   [Return To Top]
W:Ware's Chapel, Monroe Twp. Cemetery (63)   [Return To Top]

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